Welcome to our Driving Tips Section. Here you will find a number of handy quick tips. It is a good idea to keep these in mind, not just in the run-up to your driving test, but at all times! Check back here for more tips. We will be keeping this section updated on a regular basis.

General Tips


Plan Your Journey

Before you set off on a journey plan it. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Allow for any complications that may occur and don’t get stressed its better to arrive safe than not at all.

Hill Starts - Learning to Drive

Make sure you engage your biting point until the front of your car rises . Then HOLD the clutch still add gas and release your parking brake and increase gas.

Check Your Car

Check you’re brake lights: they do blow and just because you can’t see them is no excuse. They are the only advance warning to cars behind that you are slowing also a car with no brake lights will not be taken out for a Driving Test. They should be checked once a week as well as your oil.

Don't Get Angry

Remember when driving that you do not own the road you share it, from time to time there will be mistakes made, allow for them, don’t get angry the next mistake might be yours and you would like another driver to allow for your mistakes.