Driving Test Tips

We are experts for pre-test lessons in the following Driving Test Centres
Rathgar Driving Test Routes, Tallaght Driving Test Routes, Finglas and Raheny Test Routes.
If you have your Driving Test call your instructor immediately on receiving your notification as you may need to book in advance due to availability. I have lost count of how many times I have received phone calls asking for lessons and people have their tests two days later and very often there is no availability and they have to go to any driving school they can get. It’s very simple the good Driving Schools won’t be available at that short notice. Remember it’s your test and they are hard to get with the waiting list so make the most of it get the lessons early.
If you haven’t prepared for the test don’t expect to pass, the system is designed to seek out your faults and you will be found out.
At the test centre reverse your car into a parking spot so that when the examiner comes out you can drive straight out.
Arrive for your Driving Test early as the examiners work to a strict schedule if you arrive late your test will not be conducted. Ensure your car is clean inside and out and there is nothing in the car that could be dislodged during sudden braking. Remember to bring your license and appointment letter into the test centre with you.