Don’t Have a Learner Permit ?


Theory Test

Have you applied for your Theory Test ? For car drivers you have to apply for Category B
You can apply using the following details http://www.theorytest.ie/ ( beware of fake sites charging admin fees )
Call 1890 606 106 (Lo-call rate)


Download Rules of the Road (PDF,3MB)


Eye Test

Having passed you theory test you need to make an appointment for an eye test. Apply for your Learner Permit Or Renew the current one. Apply to your local NDLS office for an appointment.


Last Step

Wait for your Learner Permit to arrive and call us when it does on 086 8271333.
Caution: You cannot begin lessons until you have your Learner Permit in your hand. The receipt clearly states it is not a permit.

I have my Learner Permit


Essential Driver Training

Compulsory for all first time learner permit holders who received their permit after April 4th 2011.

Improver lessons

Havent driven for a while? Parking lessons? Reversing Lessons?
Very often people have problems with reversing and parking. We can provide reversing lessons and get your confidence levels up

Mock Driving Tests

We can start from the Driving Test Centre and put you through a driving test from start to finish . The benefit of this is you get a real feel for the atmosphere that you will face on the day.
We will test under the bonnet checks and interior checks and bring you around a known test route . This will be followed by a debrief with the onus on constructive advice and where required a full breakdown of correctional methods .
This will normally take approximately 90 minutes.


Pre Test Lessons

Real time analyses of your driving with timely and accurate corrections with the main focus on including all aspects that the RSA Driving Tester will be expecting to see.

Pre test and Car Hire

Focused intense lesson before your Driving Test and use of our fully maintained vehicle for test.
We will refund the cost of your Driving Test application if the examiner finds any fault with our vehicle.

All lessons include follow up documentation to take home to continue your study or driving improvements between lessons.

Book Driving Lessons

Get in touch now and book your lessons now!